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TCI is going into damage control after the SBS TV station released a documentary about TCI and its leader Sharon Pearson who also goes by he names Theresa and Remi All over TCI Facebook pages she is getting students to post live testimonials about how wonderful TCI is. I wonder how many did that for a few minutes of fame or in the hopes of getting paid clients from it. Who knows maybe it its a condition of going to her live training. I regret... Read more

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The coaching institute was and is a fraud- Lead by Sharon Pearson. Her course content is over priced and by large under delivered. All participants are signed up using NLP . We all paid in excess of $20 k and I feel particularly underdone in regards to the qualifications. Unfortunately my experience at TCI has put me off trusting other education facilities. Read more

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SBS has completed an investigation into The Coaching Institute and it can be read here: It is a must read if you are thinking of attending TCI. It includes many allegations onto the organisation and they include former staff members currently serving jail time for fraud. Before anyone hands over $1 to TCI make sure you... Read more

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TCI is ok. Some things are cultish. Other things are really good. I would recommend paying cash for your courses and not getting hyped into debt. Also there are a lot of qualifications you could get outside of TCI which are basically what TCI teaches but with different names. The only thing is that there qualifications outside of TCI are more recognised. Overall a good experience. A good company. Some things I don't like. Know that 99%... Read more

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DISCLAIMER. Not a student. have attended many of their free seminars. Answering some questions another person asked about this school. 1. Yes, they are a registered business. 2. Yes, they are a Registered Training Organisation RTO. With Certificate IV in Life Coaching and Diploma of Life Coaching - and Certificate IV in Business and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. If you go to you can look up Shajor (their parent... Read more

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Hello, I would like to bring to your attention the following organization: The Coaching Institute Life Coach Address: 40/37-39 Albert Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004 Phone: 1800 094 927 I have several enquires as follows: 1. Are they a registered business (ABN)? 2. Are they a registered training organization (RTO)? 3.Are they permitted, under law, to promote and take significant monies from consumers by misleading them as a ‘life coach’ which, in the... Read more

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I completed a free weekend intake as a friend asked me to attend with them. It was quite weird and I could not put my finger on it but there is something not quite right about TCI. I looked around on the net. TCI is not accredited anywhere - even by the Australian Board of NLP (a community of coaches). Visit: - they do not recognise TCI because they have breached their Code of Ethics. TCI - a very suspect... Read more

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The Coaching Institute tells people to sign up for the MASTER COACH program and they say you have WEEKLY ACCESS to a mentor. This is a lie. After my first mentoring session they said the next available spot was 4 weeks. After a couple of monthly mentoring sessions it stretched out to every 6 weeks. Guys come on. Also they say that in your values that "HONESTY" doesn't need to be a VALUE it should just be a given. But it's not a given. ... Read more

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Since enrolling with The Coaching Institute, seeing the way they gush over people and give people money for attending their Melbourne office for "Induction", you think Wow they are great. After about 4 hours in a room with the facilitator talking about himself and swearing, saying he only "chooses to work 15 days a month and lives extremely well", I thought this could be that he "excited" to have new recruits in the building!! Seeing first hand... Read more

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Do yourself a huge favour and walk away from TCI..a friend spent over $50K on their so called education and they could not give her the "diploma" she had signed up for....they are NOT a coaching business, they are a sales and marketing business run by an ex real estate agent and a failed story writer (who wrote about criminology mind you) and also has a degree in commerce. Sharon Pearson openly admitted that each person that comes through her... Read more

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