How to get in touch with others filling law suits?

So The Coaching Institute, also known as 'the international coaching guild' is really annoying and left a really bitter taste in my mouth. I would like to pursue legal proceedings to get a full refund. This circus has cost me dearly in not only fees for the course it...
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Hi there have you had any success?Im looking to do a class action against them.If you are interested please email me atclassactionlc@***.com

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Artarmon, New South Wales
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

Unethical behaviour

TCI use manipulation, hypnotherapy and hone in on your limiting beliefs to use it to their advantage. They over promise something they can not deliver and when they are unable to deliver what you have paid for they tell you that it is your fault. The resources that and produced are out dated and their so called intellectual property actually comes from other people who actually designed the information. They cause a lot of upset and anguish. If you want to be ripped off and get nothing for your money, want to be a follower of unethical behaviour this is the place for you. ASQA have been investigating them for around 2 years now and for some reason they seem to be getting away with it. There are hundreds of pissed of ex students that will not go and seek their money back because they are bullies. They use the threat of lawyers to scare people off.
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As a well experienced NLP Practitioner, I came to TCI to learn the business behind coaching.

In the Intake session they used a pile of simple techniques to influence people.

All the intake/foundation weekends are full of NLP to extract cash.

No wonder ABNLP and the ICF rejected TCI.

I really like to know how the law suits / refunds are going.


Hello, how do I contact you? I am a disgruntled ex student.


I need to agree that it is the MOST UNETHICAL school I have ever attended. They erode any empathy in you and cover it up with funding charities...

Just disgusting nothing more nothing less...


Hi there,

Listen to this : every ... mean every words that is said is an direct and INDIRECT command for you to subscribe.

This is a skill, not everyone can do that ... language patterns and indirect commands are all in place to make you subscribe ... and of course it works !! this is selling guys, and it's working!

Do you need some examples?

"Hear" instead of 'Here' ... your mind unconsciously pay more attention because of this simple word ambiguity

"I really got inspired" ... well with the right voice intonation this is a command GOT INSPIRED... "That’s what I love about these techniques" ...

who is loving what? ... your mind has to process the idea of loving these techniques to understand the sense ... so instantly have it in your mind "It's not right for you" ...

RIGHT FOR YOU! .. in fact.. the "It's not" lower your guard ...

but still gives you the idea ! ...try it ...say anything after "it's not" ... it's not about business, it's not about making money, it's not about manipulation lol ... it's not making sense ..

or is it?

... well surely something to learn hear ;)


Yes they are extremely unethical and racist as well.

At one of the webinar the mentor said that there is no point coaching migrants as they have no money.

When you listen carefully what they say between the lines it is shocking.

They turn people into heartless zombies with dollar signs in their eyes.


Yes they are a bunch of very sick people. I have never come across that kind of bullying behaviour in any other school especially pushing people who obviously have not got much money to do more courses.

Anyway they favour anyone with lots of dough not matter how disturbed and psychotic they are.

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Melbourne, Victoria
New Reviewer

Personal development at the cost

These people want to control every aspect of your life including discovering all your vulnerabilities and weaknesses so they can take it to their advantage when convincing you to sign up for extra mentoring, extra material , extra coaching ( as of course you can't coach without being a role model... as they claim), extra course... It never ends if you have money or not. They definitely push you to the limits at the cost. When you sign up they ll probably haunt you for a long time. Even as a successful coach you are bound to be available to serve them. It is a life time commitment... I d find them obsessive, controlling, manipulative... I d never recommend them to anyone.
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Off to VCAT I go. The media is interested. Need everyone to get in contact with myself or Max.....kydalla@***


Yes that is so true.

And this is probably the only website that allows critical reviews of the coaching institute. Other sites delete any negative comments.

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Woolloongabba, Queensland
New Reviewer

Manipulation all the way through

The school mainly sucks in the vulnerable people who are looking to help themselves, people who are easily manipulated and brainwashed. The school revolves around worshiping the founder of TCI and whatever she says becomes the part of the studies at TCI. Anyone who may...
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I used to work at this organisation, and I can actually confirm that is exactly how it works. It's never said so, but that is what goes on behind the scenes, all the way to using NLP tactics to sign up students.

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I worked behind the scenes as a technician a few years ago , witnessed there call centre manipulating customers anyway they could to squeeze money out of the client , you name it laying down guilt trips , asking clients to to borrow from there parents , these are very...
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Its a cult. They must be stopped. A class action is happening register with Annie or Max.....kydalla@***.com....

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Melbourne, Victoria

Life Changing and Immense Growth

The Coaching Institute is the best school I have ever studied with. I don't think I have ever come across a more supportive environment! I know I am a valued member of the community not just a student number like the last course I was in. The constant contact means I know they really are there for me to call or email and if I need help I get it. The courses are world class, their trainers are phenomenal and the community is inspiring and full of the most amazing people. I am so grateful that this is my experience and so pleased I can share it with you here.
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Aaaah still in the cult.


Are you high? I have done two course with The Coaching Institute.

Total cost was over $11 500. Lots of dancing, dressing up, smiling. Very little actual useful training. Whenever someone describes a place of education as being full of "the most amazing people" alarms bells should ring.

Of course you are a valued member of the community. You are adding to their profits.

Hand me over $4997 and I will make you a valued part of my friendship group. I promise.


They have lost all the accreditations over the last few years because of the POOR level of education, unethical behaviour. Eventually people will no longer be sucked into paying, and they will have to close their doors. Can't wait, they are an embarrassment to Australia


I need to say that the training is first class except for some inappropriate stories shared by the trainers. When it comes to a constant contact is just means that you are molded into a trusting vulnerable client who can be easily convinced to buy more learning material and extra courses (without which 'you are not going to succeed' as the trainers say).

Obviously you have lost your critic's view. If the course seems to be too good to be true there is always a catch there.

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Melbourne, Victoria

I Absolutely LOVE this organisation! TCI rocks!

I am reading the comments here very frustrated! (And realise some are for a different place in America) TCI is remarkable. Their training is first class. The passion of the trainers is exceptional. They CARE so much! I had a challenge, and they helped me, and it had nothing to do with my studies there. I am so impressed with their care, the time they give, and the classes. The manuals have everything you need to succeed. I simply do not understand any of the comments I read here, when i know SO many people love them as I do! Just go into their campus and see the difference they make, and you will see it for yourself. If you don't get results, don't complain, take responsibility!
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This is the way TCI work - trying desperately to cover the negative feedback. And the comments above reflect what others are saying.

If you are not happy - then there is some thing wrong with you! And you are not taking responsibility for your life. There is a reason why the Victoria Government doesn't recognise the training anymore.....

their primary objective is to milk you for as much money as they can and not give you an education.

It's your choice to go with the school or not, but be warned there are alot more people unhappy than there are singing their praises


The RTO accreditation logo isn't on the website and when I inquired they said they were accredited, but the programs used to be called Cert IV Practitioner and Cert IV Advanced Practitioner plus a Diploma in Life Coaching. Now they're Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching etc. This seems strange, that government accreditation logo used to be all over the website and on the materials, looks dodgy and like they're trying to cover up that they're no longer government accredited by using similar sounding terms, that you may not realise on first glance are not government accreditation's.


This is because they lost their accreditation. SP became fed up with all the hoops she had to jump through and auditors coming in to ensure every i was dotted and every t was crossed. She threw

a tanty saying she knew better than they did and created her own accreditation.


Yep, that was my experience of them, and I graduated years ago. There will always be people who want to complain when it doesn't work for them, but I know when I was there, people would complain but did nothing to help themselves!

I avoided them, and glad I did, because it worked for me and I have clients. Good on you posting this, because I love TCI and don't like seeing their hard work being criticised like this. These are real people who care about you.

I got a card and flowers when we had a baby! What company does that!


Clearly an assistant from odesk/elance,

Do you think people here are that ***.

Talking to TCI last week.

They only have a few Coaches there. Everyone is contracted.

Its more efficient/cheap. I wonder how long those coaches will keep their ICF recognition for.

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Melbourne, Victoria

*** people to make money by using emotional manipulation

This is one company that you need to stay away from. They pretty much give you VIP treatment until you sign their contract. Known to use NLP technique, hypnosis on potential customers to get them to sign up with them. Terrible at resolving problems or getting back to your queries when you confront them. They are definitely not value-focused! And big time sales-focus. If anything you'd want to learn from them, it's not the coaching bullocks they sell. It's really their sales method. Beware of The Coaching Institute and the programs that it offers that promises to show you how to make money. As it is treacherous and big scam for those that are wanting to make quick money.
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My experience with TCI was after my initial enquiry, they constantly hounded me to sign up. I had one particular sales person call me and she would have an in-depth chat to me about whether coaching was right for me etc.

Which was great for some information, but interesting how she was really trying to build a solid trusting relationship with me. I kind of found it a bit unsettling the way we had our big chat and I made it clear I wasn't ready to join but she continued to follow up with me and see if I was ready.

I 'get' that they want to make peoples lives better (or so they say) but seriously when someone says they aren't ready, listen and stop hassling them! Their sales pitch really put me off what was potentially an investment that I was keen to make with them.


It's quite interesting to see how people really dislike sales focused businesses and then believe that they are going to be successful in business without it themselves.. Anytime I see an amazing sales person I do start thinking - how do they do that?

and how can I do this in my business? but then there are others that just 'dis' this because they don't see the learning opportunity.


haha oh dear I'm sorry but hypnosis techniques and NLP to get you to buy??? If that was actually the case which it's not…you would be so impressed at the skill that you would want to learn how to do it too!! Imagine if everyone knew how to hypnotise and NLP people into selling… Goodbye marketing campaigns…hello hypnosis and NLP!!!

How does a 2yr Diploma = make quick money????

I've seen get rich quick schemes and it's usually a "get rich in 24 hrs" kinda thing…NOT "here, do a course and attend these training's for 2 yrs and build your business as you go, oh and you're financial reward will be equal to the effort you put in to implementing what you learn…."

Seriously the mind boggles!!


Absolutely ... they are all gloss, not substance ... once you've signed up they load you up with lots of useless substandard resources like large ring binder folders with few pages, most of it readily available. Nothing new, certainly nothing worth paying $10k+ for. Then when you try to withdraw, they try to charge you for the whole course because they've chosen to provide you with everything up front ... say you feel obliged to pay for it. Or not ... dont'!

Please be aware ... many x-TCI students are currently going through legal proceedings with RTO regulatory body ASQA and CAV - consumer affairs Victoria to try to recover fees. ASQA has been heavily auditing this RTO for the past 14 months and are cancelling their RTO status by 9 December 2013.

TCI will tell you that doesn't matter because they have set up their own industry body - ICG which is really just them saying their courses are accredited :( .. but that means nothing in the real world.

Don't be fooled.


I think it's pretty impressive that although they have been heavily audited for the past 14 months they have passed every single "test" and still remain an RTO. Anyone who deals with the RTO "expectations" knows how hard you have to work , the hours and hours of jumping through their hoops to get their tick of approval. Do you know how many hundreds of RTO businesses have actually shut down because of not being able to meet the RTO expectations. I think all credit to TCI for winning the game!

The ICG was absolute brilliance…genius even. Sharon Pearson saw a need in the industry to have a standards body that would recognise and protect the industry across the GLOBE…ummm…I think THANK YOU is what's in order here…. What about the international students who are prepared to fly here for this level of education and go home only to be told…"sorry Australian RTO course means nothing here we don't recognise you as a professional in your field" Gee I bet they are grateful to know that this innovation in the market will give them the credibility they desire.

So I'm wondering…you buy a book read it…don't like it….then ask for you money back…and that works??? hahaha I don't think so!!! I am seriously at a loss at the mentality of the complainers… :upset


They don't have that RTO status anymore :grin

You were saying??


Yes they do.


Absolutely agree - do not go near TCI. They'll fleece you for everything you've got, give you a pile of useless manuals & hypnotise you into thinking its fabulous!! I'm curious to know exactly how many people have made money after doing their courses.


Never-mind AFTER the course…most students make money DURING the course...because what is contained in the manuals that you deem as useless is actually information that other people out there in the world are grateful to seek out and pay for.

For example, one coach I know is a professional trainer in workplace organisational skills who has now double his income by incorporating the NLP trainings into his own skill set

Another coach I know works with people who want to change the shape/size of their bodies wether for personal or competitive reasons and has a flourishing business that is now spreading out to other states and growing at an incredible rate…I'm pretty sure her income is satisfying.

Another coach I know just told me how chuffed she was to be earning $50,000 a month for the first time in her life and she is just using the coaching models.

Those manuals you diss so quickly actually contain the information to assist you to make your course fees back in 90 days.

Gee I'm wondering if you ever actually SAW the content of those manuals at all???

As a current and long term student at TCI I am happy to recommend this institution to anyone who wants a career with a real purpose. It is rewarding and fulfilling. As a single Mum I have the added bonus of empowering my children with strategies for their own success and a business model that will teach them how to make money from whatever they choose to learn.


mate, if your for real about them being good, why didn't you put your name,

Interesting hey, "as a single mum"

18months, 1 person from my intake made good money, he was already set before coming. I haven't heard anyone else achieving much.

I went pretty full at it. Made my money back in around 8 months.

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Melbourne, Victoria

Contacted me incessantly for 3 years after I made one phonecall to them

I rang The Coaching Institute once for an information pack and for the following YEAR (no I am not kidding) was inundated with phone calls and voicemails, sometimes more than once a day. I never returned any of the calls but they just kept coming. It was like being...
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This was my experience too, and I don't believe anyone should have to go through this. I'm horrified that people think it's 'ok' to have to click 'unsubscribe' etc.

The company should know better than ring multiple times a day and send a ridiculous amount of emails and not be so aggressive in the first place!! If you are selling a good product, you don't need to hound people - they come to you! I too was put off by TCI's big selling point about 'money'.

When one studies at university, it is not about money, it is about that thing called Education. Obviously TCI forgets that.

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Melbourne, Victoria
New Reviewer

Coaching Institute

This company is nothing but a *** to get money from people who really want help. They get you by saying it is a free seminar and then sell you on their product...which is someone reading a paper on the other end. They don't help you, they just read the paper which is information you can get free at the library, which you can do and save yourself thousands of dollars. They don't tell you when you sign to read the back of the contract...don't be a fool and get in with this company. It is a total rip-off.
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I heard that a current affair is about to do a massive exposure story on them and they have been interviewing past students apparently it is going to be huge and it's going to bring down the whole empire - Karma always handles things in the end


TCI in Melbourne is a SCAM! After preaching how much they care about people and want to help people, they simply put you through more trauma, when you try to withdrawal for medical reasons.

Even after being provided with sufficient Doctors evidence that you are unfit to study because of medical reasons they still fight you on it. Its not bad enough that you have been diagnosed with a serious disorder they make things 10 times worse by continuing to take money from your bank and and make it as hard as possible to withdraw. This company is unethical and immoral and does not give a *** about the people who actually sign up. They are only interested in taking your money.

They are hypocrites! SP runs a greed based scam which after you sign up only cares about cleaning you out. The trauma this company has caused me on top of my own medical condition is irreparable and should be made an example of so others don't get pulled in and ripped off!

And for the comments that SP has created and international guild; she has done this because she didn't like the way our laws dictated her - so she decided to create her own game board which she dictates - Who the *** does she think she is - that she is above our laws put in place to protect our education standards.

This Institute boarders on being a cult.

Stay away from The Coaching Institute if you value your finances, your health and your sanity!


Anon couldn't say it better myself you are spot on and I hope you are recovering. Anon is telling the truth you have to believe him. Don't be fooled for your own health and well being.


I signed an enrollment form but haven't booked into a interm yet or given a deposit after reading all this I will not give them a cent.


I had not thought about it being a cult... but after being in it, and out of it, I totally agree. I can't believe they keep treating legal action on over inflated fees they say I owe them.


This is The Coaching Institute in Florida and nothing to do with the one in Australia. It says, The Villages, Florida.


No it's not he said SP - nice try!!


It's interesting how people who sign up to a program, end up not bothering to do the study and then complain they didn't learn anything and that they lose money.

I don't get it.

If I studied at a university and couldn't be bothered completing the course, then I too wouldn't be able to A. learn anything and B. get a job/start a business from having completed the course and C.

I would have lost me uni student fees.. so whats the difference here?


well said.


Yes, I find them incredibly disappointing .... they preach follow your dreams just hand me 15,000 to do it and oh by the way you can't actually follow your dreams if you have a blimp on your credit rating because you can't even get a payment plan ...

what education institute does that ... Oh right sorry you can't go to university to get your dream because you fell prey of a terrible divorce ????

Maybe they should practice what they preach. If you are not a financial prospect for them your dreams don't count - just awful, disgusting and ethically and morally wrong.

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The Villages, Florida

Coaching Institute is a SCAM!!

At a continuing education class that the Coaching Institute put on in Colorado on real estate investment I was sold a year long educational coaching package for $3,500. The salesman (Andy Rosas) represented that the company had an infrastructure throughout the company...
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Hey Guys, This thread is on the wrong company.

The company this post it on is located in Melbourne Australia not the USA.


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Denver, Colorado