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Do yourself a huge favour and walk away from TCI..a friend spent over $50K on their so called education and they could not give her the "diploma" she had signed up for....they are NOT a coaching business, they are a sales and marketing business run by an ex real estate agent and a failed story writer (who wrote about criminology mind you) and also has a degree in commerce. Sharon Pearson openly admitted that each person that comes through her doors is a potential $20K increase in her annual income.

They are raking in millions of dollars a year by selling you something they insist you need rather than giving you what you want. If you get sucked in, you will become an avid believer for a time......until you finally wake up to yourself, and to them and the thousands of dollars they have fleeced from you. You'll then have to somehow pick up the pieces of your life and they will crush you to make you continue to "pay out your contract" because of the "financial commitment" you made to them. They'll call in debt collectors, threaten you with lawyers and literally send people to knock on your door for the money they say you owe them.

Good people have lost their marriages, their homes and their financial freedom because of the cunning strategies of "The coaching institute"......If you do get caught and sucked in and finally wake up to the scam, go directly to the consumer affairs website to discover just how many laws they have breeched!!

VCAT have seen many cases now and I believe they will be seeing many more..... ASQA, VCAT, ABNLP and ACCC are sick to death of hearing about this company and the 1000s of people who have been burnt by them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sharon Pearson boasts on the back of one book that she earns in excess of $5,000,000 every year elsewhere she says $10,000,000. That’s a lot of money from Life Coaching only thing it’s not Life Coaching its Life Stealing. Look up 6 signs that you’re in a Self-Development Cult and start ticking the boxes.If you need help or even just want to register your name for the Class Action contact Annie or

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1277591

Well, i must admit that i was another that got caught up in the TCI money making machine. Around about $45k, a lost marriage and still paying for it.

They are good at selling. The bully you and make you feel obligated to imrove yourself to be like them.

I witnnessed one day in the office SP, the owner, come in one day and checked the sales board and seen it was a poor day and yelled out " where is my *** money"

Honestly, stay clear of this money making juganaught that do not care whatsoever about peoples livelyhoods. I have forgiven them, but not forgotten.

to Anonymous #1508004

Contact me please, I have nothing to do with TCI . I am not frightened of Sharon Pearson or her minions.

You are not alone!! There are many, many others. The ball is rolling and it’s not too late, I’m taking this back to the beginning. I don’t care how long ago it was.The individual dollar amount that she “takes people for” has been considered too minimal for people to follow through with their own individual Legal Action as their fees can run higher than the actual debt she says you owe.

That’s why I need YOU!!

Whoever you are I need to hear your story.Relevant Authorities and Media have been contacted and returned contact and are doing there own investigations.A VCAT hearing has been applied for by a past “ripped off” student and there is a general public gallery for those wanting to come along to watch or for support. I shall put up the date of the hearing as advised.Please go to Instagram angrytcistudents and like and follow or you can email direct classactionlc@outlook.comCheers Annette

to Anonymous #1532399

Would be keen to talk but how do I get in touch with you? I am

Springfield Lakes, Queensland, Australia #1131892

Thank you very much for your comment, they say i owe them $8000 over and above the $4000 i have already paid them for the initial course i signed up for.

to Nala Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1255163

Hi Nala how did you go with the withdrawl fee? Did you have to pay?


TCI cost me my marriage & $400,000.00 .. as my wife got so sucked in by these money grabbing crooks.


Totally agree, I have been trying to get my refund for some time and now they won't send it. They bully and belittle people who are not all about TCI.

I am disgusted about the words they use in their webinars (If you don't like it then F*%$ off, BullS#!&). How professional is this!!

Please, please, please stay away from TCI.

to Anonymous #1131894

They are bullies and the foul language is totally not called for! They are totally unprofessional!!


I just wish I had found this site before I signed up. They are a hideous place. I cannot understand how they are still in business


Be careful when you criticise The Coaching Institute. They are ruthless at shutting down bad press.

Always be anonymous. Never publicly put your name against a bad review of TCI.

You are right though - your comment is spot on. Avoid TCI.


That's a bad review! Much like all the other reviews on here.

Thanks for posting. It seems all is not as it seems at TCI. I did do a free weekend course.

There is a lot of pressure to sign up. Thanks for the warning.

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